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Designed by Scott Babb of Libre Fighting, The Bastard Child is 8.125" overall with a 3.5" blade. AEB-L stainless steel under black Cerakote. G10 Handles and a kydex sheath with 3/4" eyelet spacing. A trainer TBC is included with each order.


The Bastard Child was designed to be the ideal knife for point-down/edge-in grip. The concave curve at the base of the blade facilitates hooking motions designed to clear the opponent's block out of the way, while the upswept tip allows for ripping motions coming up the face. The point of the blade sits in line with the knuckles, allowing for deadly accurate stabs. Finally, the finger grooves in the handle allow the piece to become one with the user's hand, making it feel like an extension of one's own limb. -- SB


Please watch the review from Jarrad Arbuckle of Advanced Self-Defense Concepts and head of Libre Fighting Los Angeles.


The Bastard Child

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